I am a young, driven journalist based in London, looking to expand on my background in technical and consumer writing. I am interested in writing and editing for a general audience, and can adapt my writing style excellently.

My work experience has harnessed my web skills and refined my journalistic skills. Working as an editor and web editor has trained me thoroughly in both print and online media, from researching a story, to editing, designing and publishing the finished article. My everyday work involves the use of software such as  InDesign, Photoshop, XMF, WordPress and more.

Mainly focused in the areas of science, politics, anthropology and health, my writing has also been published in the Oxford University Medical School Gazette, and Bang! online science magazine.

I have an academic background in Philosophy (University of York, graduated 2014) and Medical Anthropology (University of Oxford, graduated 2015). Studying these areas has sharpened my talents for abstract reasoning and creative problem-solving, as well as understanding different cultures, languages, and sociopolitical systems.

Travel and photography are two of my personal passions, and I have been privileged enough to take photographs all over the world, from the USA, to Japan, to New Zealand. Some of this work has been published in NOTES art magazine. Working as an au pair in Barcelona and as a hotel manager near Wellington have taught me the values of versatility, commitment, and language-learning. The rewards of speaking both Spanish and French have been immeasurable.

If these skills and experience could be useful to you, please get in touch.